Harness the Power of Non-Fungible Tickets

Create deeper relationships between events and fans by connecting before and after an event to extend their experience.

Harness the Power of Non-Fungible Tickets

Incentivize behavior and reward loyalty to maximize the event experience and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Harness the Power of Non-Fungible Tickets

Modernize your ticketing operations to participate in Secondary Market sales, reduce fraud and increase security.

Ticketing Reimagined

Gybsy is a event platform that empowers venues and performers to enhance the fan experience and generate more revenue by seamlessly creating and distributing event tickets and access passes minted as non-fungible tokens.

Empower Your Fans

Connect and directly interact with a highly engaged community of NFT holders to increase fan satisfaction and maximize revenue opportunities at every stage of the customer journey.

In-event engagement
Perks and

Control the Market

Gybsy is shifting the ticket market paradigm by placing power and profits back in the hands of the value creators. Utilizing the latest in smart contract technology, venues, promotors, and performers have the ability to set, control and earn commissions from the secondary ticket sales as well as residual royalties on all NFT sales in perpetuity.

The Ticketing Platform of the Future

Create an Event
Add standard event details and select your resale commission.

The Ticketing Platform of the Future

Configure your seating
Upload your seating manifest and assign pricing.

The Ticketing Platform of the Future

Get Creative
Add images, gifs or videos to create NFTs your fans will love.

The Ticketing Platform of the Future

Sell Tickets

Sell directly to your clients on a hosted checkout page.

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