Next Generation Events

Gybsy gives you the power to bring NFT experiences to your venue. From NFT Ticketing to digital souvenirs, Gybsy seamlessly integrates to compliment your current ticketing operations to unlock the world of Web3, leaving your guests with a permanent smile and keepsake.


NFT Minting



Harness the Power of Non-Fungible Tickets

Create New Revenue Streams
Participate in Secondary Market sales and earn royalties when your NFTs are resold.

Harness the Power of Non-Fungible Tickets

Increase Event Satisfaction
Drive higher in-event engagement leaving guests with an unforgettable experience.

Harness the Power of Non-Fungible Tickets

Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Re-engage with guests while avoiding poor open rates and messy coupons.

Gybsy Venue Manager

All the tools you need to create and sell NFT tickets in one comprehensive dashboard


Create NFT Smart Contracts for your events by simply adding standard event details


Sell NFT tickets for one or all seats by utilizing our Patent Pending seating technology


Make your tickets stand out by adding creative and engaging NFT Art

Data & Analytics

Visualize primary and secondary sales in an easy to read dashboard


Merge standard customer data with Web3 addresses for enhanced customer communication

Gybsy Wallet

No More Crypto Wallets
Sell NFT Tickets without the hassle. Gybsy allows your guests to purchase NFT tickets without the need for cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet. Venues can now sell NFTs to any guest with a credit card and email.


Reserved Seating
Gybsy’s SeatToken allows you to offer reserved seating for any or all sections of your venue. Simply upload your seating manifest into Venue Manager and you’re ready to sell a unique NFT for every seat.


State of the Art Security
Gybsy’s TicketVault provides an extra security measure to ensure your NFT tickets are locked during the course of the event to ensure they cannot be transferred or sold after admission.

White Label

Your Event, Your Brand
Maintain brand control while selling NFT Tickets. Gybsy’s branded Event pages allow you to sell NFT tickets matching your Venues’ brand and seamless checkout experience.

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