What is an NFT Ticket and How to sell Tickets for your events?

In the past few years, NFTs have risen in prominence. NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital content stored on the blockchain (a secure ledger system), that proves the ownership of digital assets and the authenticity of transactions. When most people think about NFTs they think about digital art, collectibles and avatars. However, they can be more than just pixelated images.

What is NFT Ticketing?

NFTs are essentially tokens that represent unique real-world or digital assets, like tickets. These NFTs are located on a blockchain network, a transparent ledger of transactions that can easily verify proof of ownership. This technology allows NFT tickets to be verifiable since the authenticity of that ticket can be easily validated. NFT tickets allow ticket holders exclusive access to benefits during the event. This gives artists and venues the opportunity to develop stronger and deeper relationships with fans. Not only do NFT tickets establish an immersive guest experience, they also can provide royalties for the artists and venues selling these tickets. 

How Does NFT Ticketing Work?

NFT tickets are not as confusing as they might seem. Think of digital boarding passes we use to board a plane. Rather than having a physical ticket, you have one that can be found in your digital phone wallet. It is the same concept with NFTs. Once you buy an NFT ticket they go to your NFT wallet where you can use them to get to your event. NFTs also have a special smart contract, which can be utilized to limit resales and provide event organizers with royalties. Smart contracts are programs on the blockchain that automatically executes actions according to a specific agreement. Because these NFT tickets are trackable, it is easy to see the transaction history of a ticket, giving power back to venues and artists as they can control the primary and secondary ticketing markets. 


Even more, NFT tickets give artists and venues the ability to increase in-event engagement by airdropping special perks to guests. NFTs strengthen digital communities and online fanbases by providing access to things like exclusive merchandise, meet-and-greets, gated content, VIP entry, and much more. NFT tickets reimagine the way we think about the event experience. Now, your event tickets can be collectible and used to access perks and benefits, even after the event ends.

How are NFT tickets better?

NFT tickets allow you to: 

  • Generate new revenue streams with participation in any secondary ticket sales.
  • Increase customer engagement with pre-event, in-event, and post-event promotions.
  • Prevent fraud and counterfeiting using secure blockchain ticketing technology.

Best ways to sell tickets for an event

NFT tickets are just like any other ticket, except with additional benefits and security. NFTs can strengthen relationships between fans and artists with post-event engagement perks. This, in turn, incentives more fans to buy tickets and generates more revenue for venues. 

How to increase the sales:

  1. Start a Referral Programme.
  2. Share it on social media.
  3. Using Outreaching and Email Campaigns.
  4. Influencer Outreach.
  5. Share Event details in different Groups
  6. Run Ads on Social media (Facebook/ Instagram)

Gybsy is a Web3.0 platform that powers event ticketing and the guest experience by using blockchain technology to give venues and performers the ability to: generate new revenue streams with participation in any secondary ticket sales; increase customer engagement with pre-event, in-event and post-event promotions; and prevent fraud and counterfeiting using secure blockchain ticketing technology. 

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